Kynar-Coated Steel Standing Seam

On this standing seam metal roof installation in Ulster County, NY, we replaced the original shingles with Kynar-coated vertical steel panels, reinforcing the roof while creating an entirely new look of the house that is polished and updated. The vertical, whole panel approach seen here gives symmetry and balance to this two-level ranch. The Kynar that we use is a UV protected standard metal paint that is applied to most roofs to protect and refine, while offering long-lasting results with a 30-year warranty. Sharp, clean elegance with both longevity and appeal are built into this Kynar roof. The metal paint comes in myriad colors ranging from dark and low-key to bright and vivacious, allowing for a unique and personalized home that is safe and secure. In this project, the fascias (the flat reinforcements along the bottom edge of each roof) are wrapped in metal and painted the same deep earth color as the gutters. This gives the home a charming aesthetic paired with the rich burgundy color of the roof. We installed a snow guard across the lower length of each roof with great attention to detail. The steel snow guards are painted with Kynar as well, giving the entire look of the roof a minimalist cohesion. All of these details can be touched up and refreshed over time, though it will be unnecessary to repaint the entire roof at once as the metal in the paint has serious longevity. Tradition meets the modern world in this roof. Its sleek rusticity reveals the importance of a sense of pride in the aesthetics of your home as well as the safety and durability of the structure itself.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is becoming more and more common in homeownership these days, and our goal is to work with you and your solar contractor in order to provide you with the right roof in anticipation of receiving your new solar panels. When installing solar panels to your roof, it is important that the roof itself be structurally supportive enough to receive the panels with no damage being done to your home. A new roof is often needed when moving forward with proper solar panel installation. We recommend that your new roof be made of metal, as this allows the panels to be easily clamped to the roof to avoid drilling holes, which can be damaging and inefficient for your energy saving needs. The picture shown gives a perfect example of how a standing seam metal roof is the best choice when looking to properly attach solar panels. The paneling we use on this type of roof (called Zalmag) can go the distance right alongside the longevity of a solar panel’s life, as both are able to last between 20 and 40 years and often warrantied up to 30 years. The actual installation of the solar panels is not done personally by us, but by the solar contractor you will hire. We work with your solar contractors to ensure a perfect fit and execution of the work done, and we can recommend installation companies we’ve worked with in the past. Working with solar panel installers is regular practice for us, and we strive for excellence in partnering with others, yielding a long-lasting and elegant design. The sleek look of the solar panels is exquisitely matched to the modern aesthetic of a standing seam metal roof. The final result, as you can see, is a lovely marriage of architectural beauty and craftsmanship to the highest level of integrity, style and reliability.


These pictures show the life of a flat seam hand-soldered roof from the creation of it through to ten years afterwards. The color difference gives you an idea of what normal wear and tear do to a copper roof over time. The bright copper color and shine temper with years of use and turns to an understated deep brown with flashes of green from normal oxidization. The first picture shows the roof’s original state, the middle picture shows the color change after about a year, and the last pictures show the roof ten years later. The entire expanse of this roof was soldered by hand, a very labor intensive technique that requires professionals of the highest skill and training. Special equipment, skilled hands and intense focus are necessary to the completion of a project of this kind. These pictures show not only the process that these professionals use, but also the intricate handiwork in detail. From the dents showing each motion with the soldering iron to the cohesive and solid results. You can see on the edge that a copper gutter was built into the porch seamlessly. This porch could be considered an historic replacement, as we worked with the original structure as opposed to building an new roof entirely. The stunning result of the hard work put in here is an original and authentic roof that doubles as a porch, possessing both structural integrity and attractive design.


We were honored to be selected by the Friends of Historic Kingston to restore this beautiful building’s copper roof. In order to keep the structure sound and upright, we needed to come in and execute a classic antique roof repair. In this repair, we set out to match a new copper roof to the existing part of the original roof that was still structurally secure. We successfully combined the original and new materials in a seamless restoration that paid respect to this historic architectural work. In this particular job, measurement and material-matching were important factors, leading us to implement a special tool unique to the antiquated measurements of the original roof seam. The tool used to make this original copper roof is no longer made. Therefore, we fashioned a custom tool from a found antique anvil for a faithful reproduction of the precise measurements required of this project. Our attention to detail and creative problem-solving are shown in the comparison of the older copper next to the new. We went to great lengths in order to make this repair flawless. The original seam was copied exactly, and we were able to match the style of the old roof to the new copper being added. You can see the older copper versus the new copper in the color difference, the natural wear and tear will even this out over time.


We worked with the homeowners of this stunning piece of architecture to conceive of a roofing solution that honored the building and the gorgeous plot of land it was built upon. We came to the conclusion that two different roofs would be the most aesthetically pleasing and practical solution. Originally, this entire roof had spaced boards that were designed to receive wooden shingles, which covered the expanse of both levels. In order to install the copper standing seam roof that you see now on the lower roof, applying plywood first was necessary. As this process can be extremely painstaking and become very expensive, we finished the upper roof with cedar shingles in order to avoid applying more plywood to the rest of the expanse, an efficient and practical solution. Architectural interest meets saving money. The result is a two-tone roof that adds individual character to this unique home with a modern spin on a classic presentation. The copper roof, shown on the lower level, will last indefinitely. Custom-made, hand-done copper gutters are built into the integrity and structure of the roof. The snow guards you see here are made of brass, a compatible and practical choice along with the copper of the roof. This is one style option for snow guards, other options are available and we work with homeowners to find the perfect compatibility and fit for their needs.

Additional Projects